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basics //
name ::Lorena & or Rena
age/birthday/ :: May 17 88,making me 16
location :: PDX Oregon
pictures ::

favorites //
bands :: Idiot Pilot,Interpol,The Capricorns,The Locust,Fear Before,Action Action
song :: Too many
song to dance to :: Interpol - Obstacle 1
dance move(s) :: converge
movies :: Psycho,Memento,Reservoir dogs
television shows :: I cant really think of any,maybe "Film School"
books :: The Bell Jar,Bonjour Trissese,Boy Meets Boy
food :: Carmel Apples
colors :: White,orange,pink,yellow,ahh too many.
pick up line(s) :: hey,sleep with me.
website :: (haha myspace you never fail to suck the life out of me)
board game :: Candy land

opinons on //
drugs :: Its good its bad.
drinking :: hang overs = bad
abortion :: against except if it puts the mother or the fetus in danger
same sex marriage :: For
polotics :: Against most of the time,it can be ridiculous at times.
religion :: Im born into Catholicism and Im really "Iffy" about it right now.

random //
picture :: Image hosted by
saying ::What am I going to do with this bus full of asian kids?
lyrics :: Check myself into emergency urgentlyyyy
talents? :: Ive been playing guitar for 5 years,keyboards for 2,and Im in a band.I make films.
your role model and why? None because role models can mess you up sometimes.
your best/worst feature :: best being my hair? and worst being everything else
describe yourself in 5 words :: Random,spontaneous,impulsive,inquisitive,curious.
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