DANIEL (shhhhakethat) wrote in wegotmadbeatz,


basics //
name :: daniel
age/birthday/ :: 16 07/01/87
location :: cerritos ca
pictures ::

favorites //
bands :: (of all time)nineinch nails, dance disaster movement, moving units, against me!, t(i)nc, the liars
song :: (at the moment) jayz - dirt off your shoulder. i don't have a favorite song of all time.
song to dance to :: ddm - c'est la vie
dance move(s) :: shaking it
movies :: the royal tenenbaums, death to smoochy, party monster
television shows :: fairly odd parents, danny phantom, seinfeld, curb your enthusiasm
books :: party monster james st. james, dangerous angels francesca lia block
food :: fettucini alfredo
colors :: black, white, teal
pick up line(s) :: me: "hey do you like apples?"
him: "yes." me: "how about we go to my place and i fuck
the shit out of you. how do you like them apples?"
website :: www.livejournal.com/~shhhhakethat
board game :: life, uno

opinons on //
drugs :: i don't do drugs. people can do whatever they want i guess if it doesn't harm other people.
drinking :: i don't drink. people can do whatever they want i guess if it doesn't harm other people.
abortion :: pro-choice
same sex marriage :: i'm down like a clown charlie brown.
polotics :: politics* i'm not that interested.
religion :: i'm catholic. people can believe what they like.

random //
picture ::
saying :: "hey daniel. you're cool." not a very common saying but it's been said before.
lyrics :: "we would dance like no one was watching" - against me!
talents? :: i can play a guitar, i draw kind of, and i make cute bags.
your role model and why :: jerry seinfeld. he's the funniest man i've ever heard.
your best/worst feature :: best: my sarcasm when it's funny. worst: my sarcasm when it's not.
describe yourself in 5 words :: daniel, shy, blunt, stubborn, crafty.

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