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this is my first time filling out one of these things
basics //
name :: Anna
age/birthday/ :: 18 - 7/17/87
location :: Massachusetts
pictures ::

because everyone has a picture of themself in the grass

I have weird fingers

Daryl  Palumbo <3

my best friend  (Casey) + I = crazy fun times

favorites //
bands :: Head Automatica, The Dandy Warhols, Metric, The Faint, The Good Life, The Dresden Dolls, Tegan and Sara, etc
song ::  Mu-Shu Pork Empire - Head Automatica
song to dance to :: Feel The Machine - The Charlets  ----> wicked good song, killer video
dance move(s) :: what ever the music makes me do... 
movies :: Cherish, Velvet Goldmine, The Rules Of Attraction, Tommy, Mean Girls, Cabaret, Rocky Horror Picture Show, etc... new fav Wedding Crashers!  

television shows :: Stella
books :: I should really start reading again
food ::  potatos... fried, baked, mashed mmm
colors :: vibrant purple, mellow greens
pick up line(s) :: My hands are cold can I stick them down your pants to warm them up?

website ::
board game :: candy land duh

opinions on //
drugs :: I have a cousin with two children that were born addicted to heroin... I don't like what they do to people and people they love
drinking :: I hate alcohol... the smell and taste but if you are over 21 and drink reasonably I have no problem with it
abortion :: pro-choice... my body is mine not the government's
same sex marriage :: I say if straight couples who aren't in love can get married (for money, for a green card, they were drunk, etc), why can't two men or two women who truly love each other get married
politics :: I think no matter who is in office, no one is going to be happy with the outcome but Bush and his team of puppets and yes men are not what is needed to lead our country
religion :: I'm agnostic... give me some proof and I'll believe. but I won't judge someone if they choose to believe in something aslong as they don't try to force thier religion on me

random //
picture ::
saying ::Why is "abbreviation" such a long word?

lyrics :: every bubble you blow, I'm gonna pop it
talents? :: photography, can use a sewing machine, can make up excuses on the spot, etc
your role model and why :: I don't think I have one
your best/worst feature :: very creative - easily annoyed
describe yourself in 5 words ::  laughter cats ipod camera dreams

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