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moustache ps. i was invited

basics //
name :: liliane
age/birthday/ :: 17(18, on saturday), 3/13/86
location ::ridgewood, new jersey
pictures ::

zombie on halloween

favorites //
bands :: beat happening, the clash, danny elfman, tilly and the wall, yo la tengo, morrissey, new order, le tigre, the microphones, cheap trick, the ramones, that dog, broken social scene, the spaniels, tiger trap, heavenly, x
song :: twilight singers "teenage wristband" or beat happening "teenage caveman"
song to dance to :: daft punk "aerodynamics"
dance move(s) :: the shopping cart
movies ::don't tell mom the babysitters dead, lost in translation, 28 days later, rude boy, suburbia, stripes, dangerous lives of the alter boys
television shows :: family guy, daily show, the simpsons
actors/actress :: steve carell, scarlett johansson
books :: the body by stephen king, one flew over the cuckoos nest by ken kesey
food :: milkshakes and onion rings
colors :: combinations: black and green, magenta and tourqouise
place to hang out :: basements, playgrounds, places we find in "weird nj"
pick up line(s) ::is that a cellphone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? i'm better at jokes. so david walks into a store and steals a hair piece, you know why? cause he didn't want toupee, if anyone gets that reference that would be amazing
website ::
board game ::scrabble

opinons on //
drugs :: whatever floats your boat, i have no problem with them
drinking :: thats fine too, drunk people are anoying though
abortion :: pro choice, no question
same sex marriage :: i think its wonderful
politics ::ugh
religion :: i'm not too big on it, i'm unitarian so i guess that explains it

random //
picture ::
saying ::you would!
lyrics :: seee the luck i've had can turn a good man bad
talents? :: i play a mean tambourine and i've got a power punch serve at a game of volleyball
your role model and why :: dan dasilva, my laid back art teacher in my school, all around great guy, former 80s goth now balding from so much hair products
your best/worst feature ::my pseudo laugh when i'm around people i don't know and my hair is pretty crazy at times its not too fun
describe yourself in 5 words ::shy anythingcute stencils hair creative
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