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join _for_lovers
join _for_lovers
join _for_lovers

thx! <3 x-oh <3,

the purple background is hott.
( and if promoting in here is not allowed, i'll delete it. sry! )
here's a picture.

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its allowed. just promote us in return :-] <6
thanks for reminding me. i will put you guys in my lj entry!
and all over the world.
that sounds perfect.

ps. i joined. want me to fill out an ap?
great! :D just fill out an app. and all so i can put you in to the database so people can look you up and all. <3
i would join but.. i'm not fifteen. :/ how sad.
aw! hmm. i'll sneak you in. <3 shh! hah.
i can fake a pretty good fifteen-year-old? hahaha. :X
aw. yes, yes! you're really cool. join!
jooinnniinngg :D
yaaaaaay! accepted already. psh!