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basics //
name :: leah.
age/birthday/ :: 16 - 9/24/87
location :: queens, nyc.
pictures ::

favorites //
bands :: cat power, beck, dinosaur jr., pavement, red house painters, built to spill, yo la tengo, the microphones, sparklehorse, elliott smith, mirah, pretty girls make graves, ima robot, le tigre, the innocence mission, sleater kinney... a lot more.
song :: violent femmes - american music.
song to dance to :: jimi hendrix - let me stand by your fire.
dance move(s) :: sometimes it's something like a robot doing the twist in emergency mode? i don't know what the emergency is though. get yo' freak on emergency!
movies :: edward scissorhands, the dangerous lives of the alterboys, clueless, ghostworld, buddyboy, amelie, iggby goes down, run lola run, donnie darko, pi.
television shows :: i don't watch tv. :\
actors/actress :: johnny depp and angelina jolie.
books :: anything by charles bukowski.
food :: arabic food.
colors :: pink and black.
place to hang out :: cafes and park benches. i like to talk.
pick up line(s) :: "plz plz hold my hand." that's more like begging.
website :: i don't have one.
board game :: jenga. that is not a board game, but i like it because i like to scream jenga.

opinons on //
drugs :: alcohol and marijuana are fun experiences. i do both occassionally, but i am not dependent on either.
drinking :: i consider this a drug. ^
abortion :: no.
gay marriage :: yes.
school :: st. john's prep high school.
polotics :: dirty.
religion :: catholic.

random //
picture ::

i crochet.

saying :: "if you're going to say it, say it with confidence."
lyrics :: "talking shit about a pretty sunset, blanketing opinions that i'll probably regret soon." -- modest mouse.
talents? :: i only know how to clasp my hands, switch them around, and wiggle my middle fingers. sorry. :\
your role model and why :: my sister because she is just real and great and i love her.
your best/worst feature :: omg. this belleh'! i'm gonna' chop it off. lol.
describe yourself in 5 words :: i'm having a hard time doing that. mk -- i have these 5 words: get to know me instead.
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