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i'm a cynical asshole, welcome me with open arms.

name; kkkkkkkyle
age &birthday; 9.18/ 16
location; los alamitos / caliFOnya

yeah, i'm ugly, can i cry about it.


contrast = <3
bands; le shok, interpol, ima robot, modest mouse, norma jean, mewithoutYOU, converge, scars of tomorrow, bleed the sky, the locust, the cure, the smiths....ETC forever....to sum it up, the music that i fucking like.
song; memphis will be laid to waste - norma jean
dancing song; staring at the sea - the currrr
dance move(s); mosh, mosh, mosh.
movies; labyrinth, the wall
television; family guy, futurama
actor/actress; johnny depp
books; pimp: iceburg slim 'PIMP" / russel banks "RULE OF THE BONE"
food; consumables
colors; pink, white, black.
place to hang out; with RJ
pick up line(s); i'm ugly, fuck me
website; www.normajeannoise.com
board game; none

drugs; haha, does it matter what i inject/ rail up my nose?
drinking; not lately
abortion; i'm for them, i got one last week
gay marriage; as long as i don't end up in one
school; fuck it
politics; green party for life.
religion; i'm Agnostic


saying; "fuck it, let's cut it up"
lyrics; "he laid emeralds in her eyes"
talents: i play synth in the band "malice"
your role model &why; myself, because i'm the best person i got
your best/worst feature; best: none , worst : my whole self
describe yourself in 5 words; i,don't,give,a,fuck
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