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basics //
name :: Annie Cavi
age/birthday/ :: 16 / 5-4-87
location :: SA Town..TX :(
pictures ::

favorites //
bands :: Q and not U, Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, The Butchies, Enon, The Postal Service, the Blood Brothers, Modest Mouse, Rival Schools, The Moving Units, Cursive, Sugarcoma, Tegan And Sara..
song :: Doctor!Doctor! - The Blood Bros
song to dance to :: Melodrama - The Moving Units
dance move(s) :: The "annie is too cool for school" dance :D
movies :: Trainspotting, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Weekend at Bernies 2, Clerks, Drop Dead Fred, But I'm a cheerleader, Earthly Posessions..
television shows :: Conan O'Brien, Seinfeld, Home Improvement, Oprah.
actors/actress :: Ewan Mcgregor, Winona Ryder.. Cillian Murphy is one hey of a hot ass.. but I've only seen him in 28 days later but I'll soon see him in others.
books :: I read more mags(rockrgrl, bitch, spin) than books.. though books with sappy love stories make me giddy, I just don't have any specific ones.
food :: BBQ chop buns, chicken egg rolls, microwave dinners, hot cheetos(are my bf), vienna sausages, catfish, sloppy joes, and other junk.
colors :: Pink, purple, and black.
place to hang out :: I like to "chill" on my bed.
pick up line(s) :: Is your name Summer? 'Cause you are as hot as hell.
website :: Mushy Cat
board game :: Monopoly <3

opinons on //
drugs :: Haven't done them, wouldn't try them.
drinking :: When there's a party in my pants.
abortion :: Pro-Choice
gay marriage :: Please don't ban.
school :: I'm too cool for school. And yet I still go :( .
politics :: Are important, for we're all affected by them.
religion :: Whatever's right for you.

random //
picture ::

Aw, little Kathleen Hanna. <3

saying :: "On the other hand, you have different fingers."
lyrics :: "He used to mingle with the mortals til his lady had too much."
talents? :: With a picture.
Poetry, Photography, art.. I can also um.. no, that's about it.

your role model and why :: Kathleen Hanna, because she's a feminist who she stands for her rights and isn't afraid to show anyone who she really is. She doesn't care for what people think of her and she speaks(or sings, even) her mind through very good music.
your best/worst feature :: Best: Eyelashes Worst: Thighs
describe yourself in 5 words :: Humorous, Timid, Slow, Paranoid, Grrrl
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