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basics // name :: matt age/birthday/ :: 17/aprilsixteenthnineteeneightysix location :: doylestown, pennsylvania pictures ::

sorry about the poor quality. if they show up as red xs, right click, go to properties and copy the link into the address bar. favorites // bands :: .hopesfall, a life once lost, afi, alexisonfire, alkaline trio, american nightmare, anatomy of a ghost, appleseed cast, armor for sleep, arms of orion, as i lay dying, boys night out, brand new, breaking pangaea(RIP), coheed and cambria, converge, cursive, early november, every time i die, fall out boy, fear before the march of flames, from autumn to ashes, give up the ghost, hidden in plain view, matchbook romance, mewithoutyou, motion city soundtrack, norma jean, the progress, rx bandits, senses fail, something corporate, story of the year, taking back sunday, the blood brothers, this day forward, thrice, thursday song :: "a torrid love affair" boys night out song to dance to :: anything by motion city soundtrack dance move(s) :: i dont really have any specific moves but i tend to jerk my upper body with relation to the drums movies :: american history x, ferris bueller's day off, super troopers, school of rock, fight club, a clockwork orange, texas chainsaw massacre, dawn of the dead television shows :: south park, family guy actors/actress :: johnny depp, charlize theron books :: mother night by kurt vonnegut, galapagos by kurt vonnegut, bag of bones by stephen king food :: soft pretzels <3 colors :: black, blue, green place to hang out :: corner with my friends where we can be seen skateboarding and being chased by old men pick up line(s) :: if you were a telephone you'd still be off the hook website :: board game :: life opinons on // drugs :: i used to, not anymore. but its up to you. drinking :: again, up to you. abortion :: pro-life gay marriage :: for school :: it gets annoying polotics :: green party religion :: athiest random // picture ::
saying :: lyrics :: "if love is a labor i'll slave to the end, i won't cross this street until you hold my hand" talents? :: i sing for an emocore band your role model and why :: buddy of senses fail, i just admire his voice and his lack of seriousness in a serious genre of music your best/worst feature :: best - hair, worst - nose describe yourself in 5 words :: funny, unique, sarcastic, friendly, happy-go-lucky (i think that's supposed to be hypenated.)
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