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basics //
name :: alison.
age/birthday/ :: sixteen, 12/09/87.
location :: new york city.
pictures ::

favorites //
bands :: death cab for cutie, modest mouse, broken social scene, interpol, the beatles, brand new, ima robot, yo la tengo, minus the bear, the decemberists, the stills, the blood brothers, etc.
song :: at the moment, "volcano" by damien rice and "cupid's trick" by elliott smith.
song to dance to :: "move your feet" by junior senior and/or "out of the races and onto the tracks" by the rapture.
dance move(s) :: doin' the cockroach.
movies :: amélie, the virgin suicides, empire records, finding nemo, fight club, ferris bueller's day off, the breakfast club, american history x, the princess diaries.
television shows :: dead like me, degrassi: the next generation, radio free roscoe, the o.c., queer eye for the straight guy, gilmore girls.
actors/actress :: edward norton, john cusack, kate hudson, scarlett johansson.
books :: a separate peace by john knowles, me talk pretty one day by david sedaris, the catcher in the rye by j.d. salinger, the lovely bones by alice sebold.
food :: grilled chicken caesar salad.
colors :: green.
place to hang out :: gettin' my read on in barnes and noble.
pick up line(s) :: hey baby, are you a parking ticket, 'cause you've got fine written all over you.
website ::
board game :: SCATTERGORIES. i am the master at scattergories.

opinions on //
drugs :: no good.
drinking :: i'm not into it...but if you can set limits for yourself, it's okay.
abortion :: woman's choice.
gay marriage :: definitely for. there is no reason why two members of the same sex cannot be together the same way two members of the opposite sex can. i think it's ludicrous for there to be laws banning same sex marriages.
school :: sometimes i like it, sometimes i don't.
politics :: i don't really pay enough attention to it to have an honest opinion.
religion :: hmm.

random //
picture ::

yep. that's my cat.

saying :: you bet space cadet.
lyrics :: get off the internet, i'll meet you in the street.
talents? :: i can play the flute.
your role model and why :: my mom, 'cause she's got mad beatz.
your best/worst feature :: i don't like my arms at all but i'm often told that i've got nice eyes.
describe yourself in 5 words :: quiet, loyal, caring, awesome, intelligent.
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