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basics //
name :: Ellie.
age/birthday/ :: 15, 8th december.
location :: bristol, uk.
pictures :: this is old but anyhow:

please do ignore the tongue...


favorites //
bands :: the libertines! also like bright eyes, the strokes, the shins, the ordinary boys and if you want more, they're in my info :]
song :: it changes all the time... tonight, i'd say it's lua by bright eyes.
song to dance to :: don't look back into the sun - the libs.
dance move(s) :: god knows. i like to jump..
movies :: inside i'm dancing. :] if you're american... i think it's called Rory O' Shea Was Here in america?
television shows :: scrubs, 120 minutes, casualty.
books :: would have to be The Lovely Bones.
food :: spaghetti.
colors :: purple and blue.
pick up line(s) :: haha well i wouldn't use one but my favourite? "i'm doing an essay on the finer things in life... can i interview you?" blurgh.
website :: because i like mini films :]
board game :: monopoly?

opinons on //
drugs :: well i'm open minded, but i think it's quite sad when you hear about people hooked on all the really hard stuff.
drinking ::  i have no problem with it until i vomit.
abortion :: depends on the situation. i don't think, if i'd been brutally raped and got pregnant from that, that i'd want to keep the baby.
same sex marriage :: all good... don't know why it didn't become legal earlier.
polotics :: i prefer to disconnect myself, to be honest.
religion :: i'm not religious myself & i don't think I ever will be... but i think it's nice how religious people live around their religions.

random //
picture ::

saying :: "shite on a bike, my mum only lets me kiss her once a year, we have to bend down because she's only 1ft 2."  - seems to be a favourite among twelve year olds on the bus in the way to town.
lyrics :: 'Like a ten minute dream in the passenger seat while the world was flying by, I haven't been gone very long but it feels like a lifetime."
talents? :: i can sing, apparently.
your role model and why :: I don't really have one to be absolutely honest... I look up to people... musicians, usually, but i wouldn't say they were my role models.
your best/worst feature :: physically i'd say my nose was my worst feature. or my teeth, but they'll be sorted soon. my eyes would be my best.
describe yourself in 5 words :: happy, obscure, dead good woaah.


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